How does AceRev Adblue work?

AceRev AdBlue® works closely with vehicle engine selective synergist decrease (SCR) systems to diminish nitrogen oxide (NOx) fumes emissions. Vehicles that utilization the dynamic discharges control technology can normally be identified by the use of 'SCR' or 'Blue' in their model names.

After exhaust gas passes through the diesel particulate filter, AdBlue is sprayed and mixed into it via a dosing control system as it enters the SCR catalytic converter. Here, the ammonia within the urea reacts with NOx in the exhaust stream, neutralising it to form harmless nitrogen (N2) and water vapour (H2O), while additionally reducing total fuel consumption by 2-6%. 

AdBlue and SCR systems are highly effective, reducing NOx emissions by up to 90%, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide emissions by 50-90%, and particulate emissions by 30-50%. 
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